Architectural and spatial solution The solution in 4 steps and 4x4 benefits:

Put all cars in a garage volume in the western part of the buildable area. (6 modules) BENEFITS:

  • Minimum paved area and maximum green area

  • Cars are protected

  • The garage can also be a shed/workshop

  • The southern side is left clear for exposure to the sun.

    Organise all service areas of the 3 apartments into 3 long volumes. (3x2 modules) BENEFITS:

  • Wet areas are grouped together

  • The spatial concept is clear and simple

  • The amount of corridors in minimised

  • Living areas of different apartments are separate and private.

    Put the living spaces in between the service volumes, fully glazed on the south. (3x1 module) BENEFITS:

  • Formation of an entrance+service courtyard (North)

  • Formation of a leisure+garden courtyard (South)

  • One unified spatial sequence formed by interior and exterior living spaces

  • The living space is passively heated by the sun.

    Place a longitudinal volume with a gabled roof on top of the ground floor volumes, containing bedrooms and bathrooms. (6 modules)

  • The courtyards get some protection from rain/snow

  • The roof’s southern slope is bigger and hosts roof windows and solar collectors

  • The long gabled roof is a link to the tradition and the surroundings

  • The entire building is visually and thermally compact.

    The advantage of living in these apartments is that one can:

Enjoy living in a house whose shapes and materials are contemporary but inspired by


  • Enjoy living in a house that is approaching its environment in a sustainable way

  • Park the car safely in the garage, leaving plentiful space for guests to park

  • Use half of the garage as a workshop/storage

  • Drive heavy items by car directly to the house

  • Park bicycles under the overhang of the upper floor

  • Access the technical room from the exterior

  • Use the spaces under the stairs for shoe/jacket/skate storage and for kitchen-related storage

  • Have the TV, books and souvenirs in the big niche in the living room wall instead of

    cramming the space with cupboards

  • Look out of the living space on two sides (and cross ventilate it), but keeping the northern

    window appropriately smaller

  • Use the glazed sliding door to completely open the living space to the southern courtyard

  • Enjoy the heat from the wood-burning stove and even heat the upper floor with it due to the

    wide opening in the ceiling

  • Still rely on the sun’s energy and floor heating for thermal comfort

  • See what is going on in the kitchen, but have it as a separate space with daylight

  • Choose from at least three types of kitchen layouts

  • Use the kitchen’s glazed door to access the decking

  • Have shade and fresh air even in summer on the decking thanks to the pergola

  • Enter the shower+sauna space from the kitchen, the garden, or both

  • Enjoy the privacy of the courtyards without fences or walls, simply due to the shape of the


  • Choose to spend time in the private part of the land or the one that is shared by all


  • Have daylight in all rooms of the house, even in the toilet thanks to the Velux sun tunnel

  • Have a pleasant corridor between bedrooms due to roof windows and the opening in the


  • Have a big study with good northern light and a huge desk area, or a bedroom for kids

  • Have a bedroom for kids with ample space for bunk beds, or choose to have a huge master

    bedroom, or a private study

  • Have modern design for kid’s bedrooms where all beds can be on a gallery, leaving free

    space below for playing and studying

  • Enjoy living in a house whose interior dispositions of bedrooms can be changed over time


  • Put all clothing in a well proportioned walk-in closet (slightly larger than in the brief)

  • Enjoy ample light, air and good views on the upper floor thanks to the combination of wall

    windows and Velux roof windows.

Authors: Veljko Armano Linta, Ana Armano Linta, David Azinoviź, Ivana Ćavar
Keyword: Bok-bok
Status: Velux special prize