The idea of the project was to design attractive form for modular houses and creating expressive forms associated with the environment, taking into account the scale of the assumptions and interaction with the landscape of the town.

Irregular urban planning assumptions and various buildings overall dimensions constitute a mirage consisting of light and shadow thrown over the roofs of the houses by combining extending green areas with the sky in the form of a zigzag random sketched on the horizon.

Inside the assumption avoids the effect of the walls of the maze created by successive groups of the buildings through solid geometry of the houses. Scattered by irregular roof line light gives the unique individual character anywhere in the area developed. Low walls define the areas of the particular buildings and serve as benches to create additional space integration the inhabitants.


The building construction is based on modular facade wall panels, which are seated on the floor panels 30 cm relative to the ground. The panels are made in the technology of timber frame construction houses with steel connecting elements. The panels will be pre-assembled in the factory. This solution combines the speed way of building houses from elements of great option of creating particular timber frame elements. Spandrel beams forming the skeleton of the walls are connected by steel profiles, in order to the time needed for woodworking can be reduced, is fast and simple. The construction is composed of few steel elements and wooden beams in few length.

The side walls are joined by two main timber beams that form a support for the balcony which allows the freedom of drawing the floor of the first floor and the building functions. The floor as walls is divided into those corresponding to the overall dimensions of the side walls.

The front walls serve as a covering and masking building drainage systems. They are made of light wooden structures. Inset balconies shutters made of weatherproof finishing panels allow to keep better insulation bedroom spaces from sunlight in summer and winter in winter. Due to the weather conditions walls are finishing with facade weatherproof finishing panels in white color also.

The proper walls (main stud walls) are seated behind the wall covering in depth and finished solid natural wood. They are made in the same technology as the side walls. Glazing surfaces give maximum of space and light connect inside with outside.

The form of the roof geometry was motivated not only by the aesthetic but also practical value. The slope of all roofs surfaces is 35°. Two dehydration points are mounted in the opposite building corners and make it possible to obtain 100% of the precipitation drop water to be reused inside and outside the building. Prepared concept assumes various roof embodiments: cold and warm, depending on the functional solutions - usable or not usable attic. The roof external surface is possible to be cover with solar panels and take part in the producing energy required for household water and heating.

With the prefabricated timber beams houses plans can be modified inside, also as in mirror, what creates next new type of houses.

Complemented by distinctive solid of the houses are shelters for bikes. Side full walls are covered with facade panels, while the other two are made of openwork mesh net in white. Bike shelters are situated two meters away from the building, and it creates the space for pergola.

Zone of the buildings were resolved by a veranda. This solution provides a shield against rain and snow and wind.

The compact shape of the apartment is maintained in the convention of the houses with the same architectural detail. Apartment holds a total of 22 flats in three options. There are two staircases, what provides greater intimacy for inhabitant. All apartments are accessible to people with disabilities. 
Undoubtedly, this building is a counterpoint to the whole project and one of the more intriguing thought is that if he should become the dominant spatial?

The construction of the building is made of beam - spandrel beam system with ceramic filling (load-bearing). Proper perimeter walls are finished with wood. These surfaces are cut by glazing extending from floor to ceiling, which adds a feeling of space to the building and makes better use of daylight.

Prolonged (with expansion joint from the building) construction walls are support for running around the perimeter balconies, and are separate from the main solid (no thermal bridges). As in the case of the houses the curtain wall surrounding the main building has been used. Facade panels and shutters based on the light timber construction are fixed to the balcony to protect the main building.

The inside wall of the building at the height of staircases creates space for bicycles on the ground floor, and a common space for the habitants on the upper floors, what allows traditional way of living: close with neighbors.
Authors: Zukowski - Anna Zukowska Architecture Studio, Maciej Žukowski
Keyword: Rhc1pa
Status: 3rd prize